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Are you afraid of giving a talk or a speech, taking an oral exam or presenting a project in front of a group of people? Have you missed opportunities of promotion at work, or to obtain better grades in your studies for not having dared to speak in public?

People with fear of public speaking, when they have to face these types of situations, experience great anxiety, they also tend to think that they are going to do it badly, and often think that their performance has been deficient. They think that others will notice that their voice or hands are shaking, or they believe that at any moment a great level of anxiety is going to invade them, or that they will not be able to correctly articulate words, etc...

It is possible that you are reading these lines because you identified yourself with this situation. If this is the case, welcome, you might find the solution to your problem here. In order to do so, you must follow the steps that will guide you in how to do it.

Dr. Net will help you!